Autism is a complex neurological disorder which poses significant, life-long challenges in the daily lives of individuals affected and their families. Evan is one of a large number of people with autism. The Center for Disease Control currently estimates 1 in every 68 children have an autism spectrum disorder. Autism lives in every neighbourhood. People affected by autism are your friends, your family and your neighbours.

To date, Evan’s Ride has raised over $130,000 to support individuals and families affected by autism in the Niagara Region.  The proceeds from Evan’s Ride have been used provide life skills, family support and summer camp programs in the Niagara Region.

Proceeds from Evan’s Ride are donated to Autism Community,  a charitable organization founded by parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to support and facilitate the development of services and strategies to meet the needs of families like ours in the Niagara Region.   Autism Community is 100% volunteer-run and is committed to the idea of families, individuals with autism, service providers and communities working together to help individuals and families with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders and ensuring locally-supported programs are protected and managed locally.

Current programs supported by Evan’s Ride include Niagara’s only program for children with autism who need help learning to manage their anxiety, a transition to adulthood personal development program for teens and young adults with autism and the Niagara’s Autism Holiday Shopping Day which allows children with autism to select family gifts in a safe and sensory controlled environment.