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Feb 13


Please Stay Tuned returns to Evan’s Ride to shoot a 10th Anniversary Video

A single candle lighting the darkness. That’s the image which opens Evan’s Ride, a video telling the story of the 1st Evan’s Ride for Autism. Evan’s Ride was filmed and  produced in 2009 by Please Stay Tuned.  Please Stay Tuned is a production company owned by Evan’s filmmaking uncle, Dale Sheldrake.

The 6 ½ minute video is a touching and impactful portrait of Evan’s Ride. The video’s primary message is of the hope that inspired the Ride and the power of community in bringing that hope to fruition in a successful fundraising event.  The video can be viewed from our here.

Ten years later, the hope, inspiration and community support behind the Ride is as strong as ever. Evan’s Ride for Autism has raised over $130,000 to support skills development, family support and camp programs for families living with the challenges of autism spectrum disorder. Evan’s Ride continues to grow and raise awareness and funds to support autism programs in the Niagara Region.

The video has also done well over the past decade. In 2015, it was screened at 2 international film festivals –  Picture This in Calgary and Bosifest in Belgrade, Serbia. Both festivals feature films made by or for disabled communities.

This year, Dale and the Please Stay Tuned crew will be returning to Evan’s Ride for Autism to film a video continuing the story of a Ride that began in 2009. Evan has grown up and the rest of us have gotten a little older. But the heart of Evan’s Ride remains the same: the support of Evan’s family, his community and Niagara’s autism community.

Plan to join us on June 9th and remember to smile for the cameras!

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